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Cheval Lifestyle Child Photographer │ Dear Grace PhotographerCheval Child Photographer │Dear Grace PhotographerCheval Lifestyle Child Photographer │ Dear Grace PhotographerCheval Child Photographer │ Dear Grace PhotographerDear Isabella & Caiden,

Our homeschooling morning routines have been such a blessing to our family. We start our morning with breakfast.  Isabella, you have been so excited to learn how to prepare your own breakfast meals.  We are starting simple by preparing yourself a bowl of cereal.  Pouring your milk has taken a bit of practice buy you finally got it.  I know how important it is to start helping with our morning routine.  I’m so incredibly glad for your help.  Caiden really appreciates your servant heart.  He sure feels loved when you make him his breakfast.  

After breakfast, you guys jump right in to getting ready for the day.  Thank you for doing this!  You know how mommy needs her cup of coffee to get ready for the day.  I love listening to you two play before our 9 a.m. gathering time.  One of my favorite things that I love before our gathering time is preparing the table for your guys to watercolor.  I know some mornings you two feel creative.  You guys love water coloring.  It sure makes me happy watching you two create.

Some mornings, you skip the water coloring and jump into practicing piano.  It’s all fun to you two… it doesn’t feel like work and it makes my heart happy knowing that you are learning.  I look forward to listening to the songs you learned or memorized.  It’s like my own little concert.  I’m one lucky mama.  This time is so incredibly special for me.  I am learning to be observant and to listen  to both of your interests.  It helps point me to what I want to teach you next, aside from the math, reading, and grammar.  

At 9 a.m., we gather at the table.  We begin our school work and it is starting to flow so beautifully.  I know there are mornings where things have felt rushed.  Thank you for teaching me to slow down.  Thank you for grabbing my attention when I feel like my mind is wandering about things that I need to get done.  I am trying to stay focused and be present with you two because there will always be time for the other things.  



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