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Click Community is a place of encouragement for beginner photographers. It is an incredible community. Back in 2008, after graduating college, I felt like I hit a little gold mine. There was a wealth of information at my fingertips that I had no idea was available. In my mind, starting to pursue photography meant that I had to maybe consider going back to school. Click Community offered education at your own pace while saving you thousands of dollars.

I wanted to take a little moment to share about The Click Community on my blog to encourage any photographers out there starting their journey to consider checking them out! Even after now owning a business for more than 10 years, I still find a wealth of information and inspiration on their website. I’m constantly blown away by the talent. I absolutely love their breakouts and have really been transformed by some of their classes.

I made wonderful friendships through Click Community. I hope to go to one of their conferences in the near future. Consider checking their website out and use the links provided here as it does give us members perks for sharing – in true transparency.

Here are some images that I took while taking a breakout class by Dana Leigh Caffee using their Click Photo School:

Creative Assignment of young boy playing with toys while sprinklers wet him for Click Community
Creative Assignment of young girl swimming in a pool for Click Community
Creative Assignment of a young boy smiling while sprinklers wet him for Click Community

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