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Dear Isabella,

What an amazing past few months it has been.  You have been so eager to learn new things.  And of course I love to teaching you.  We have been homeschooling and you have done so well.  The biggest accomplishment you have achieved in the past few months has been reading.  You are so smart!  I love that you want to read to me and your baby brother all the time.  I love that you can go to magical places through your books.  I’ll never forget the day you came up to me to tell me you were ready to read.  You said, “Mama, I’m ready to read so that I can go to magical places.”  You amaze me little one.  I am so blessed to be your Mama!  We have also learned how to play hopscotch.  I love watching you play.  You even tried to make your own after I showed you how to set it up.  We have also learned how to play checkers!  I love hearing you try to teach Caiden how to play.  It puts a smile on my face knowing that you tend to him.  You are an amazing big sister.  I’m so glad Jesus gave you to me.  You have no idea!



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Dear Child Blog Circle│Tampa Child PhotographerTampa Child Photographer

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