Embracing the Rain, Tampa Child Photographer

We are embracing the rain, now that summer is here!  Hurricane season began for us in Florida.  We were a bit bummed about it since most days have been spent indoors, watching the rain from inside.  After a few days of being inside, it dawned on us: EMBRACE THE RAIN!  Go play in the rain!  So we did and it was wonderful!

This was Isabella’s first time going outside to enjoy the rain drops for fun.  She was a bit nervous at first.  Practice makes perfect, so we are hoping this experience has warmed her up to more rain dates this summer.  We are waiting for Caiden’s raincoat to arrive so that we can get both of them playing in the rain.  We’re fully prepared now.  My camera got a raincoat and it’s ready to embrace the rain as well!  Now for some more rain!

Embracing the Rain, Tampa Child Photographer

Tampa Child Photographer

Embracing the Rain

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