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Dear Isabella,

You turned 8 on April 29th!  I’m a little late on writing you this letter because I’ve been soaking it all in.  You are an incredible little girl.  You finished 2nd grade and you are super excited about being a 3rd grader.  I am so proud of you, sweet girl.  There are two things that stand out to me the most over the past year.  You have been super brave and you are not afraid to love hard.

First, YOU ARE SO BRAVE.  I’ve always worried about how you will settle with new things.  I can sense how nervous you get and I try to make each new transition smooth for you.  But this year, you blew me out of the water!  You were so brave to try new things.  You were so confident in yourself and I absolutely believe with my whole heart that Jesus gave you that brave heart, sweetheart.  He is making you brave and He is giving you a confidence that is turning you into an amazing girl.  You know how to handle new things better.  You are learning more about who you are and what you can do.  You finished 2nd grade wonderfully and I can’t wait to see what you achieve in 3rd grade.  I’m your biggest cheer leader!  I always will be.

Second, YOU ARE NOT AFRAID TO LOVE HARD!  I love that you are aware of all who are around you.  You never leave any one out.  I remember when you started 2nd grade and there were new students in your classroom.  You came home and cried because you worried about how you could love new friends.  You shared that they were all your best friends.  I loved being able to remind you that it was okay to have more friends and that your little heart would make room for them.  And your little heart did.  I love that about you!  You taught me a lot through that.  I love that you are in touch with your emotions and you aren’t afraid to express your feelings.  Love it so much.

I’m so incredibly proud of you, Isabella.  You are 8!  Happy Birthday, even in July!  Here are some things that you have achieved this past year:

  1.  You learned how to prepare your own breakfast.  You even prepare your little brother’s breakfast too.  This was such a big accomplishment!  I know you were a little disappointed in me for sleeping in till 8 a.m. after you achieved this milestone. HAHAHA!!  But I think it’s fair to say that I have earned that extra 30 minutes of sleep!
  2. You learned how to play the piano.  I love that you wake up early to practice without me having to tell you.  You are very disciplined and I love that about you!  Keep it up, Isabella!  You played first at our co-op Expo and you were so brave!
  3. You have been such a great helper doing all your morning chores!  Thank you for doing your morning chores without complaining.  That makes me very happy.
  4. You wrote your very first short story all on your own.  You were so excited about being an author and illustrator that you did this all on your own.  Through this process, you learned how to type on the computer.  That was very exciting!  It makes me happy that you entered your short story in our homeschooling co-op!  You did get 1st place!

I’m sure I can name a few more things but I will stop there.  I love you so much!  I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the next year!

Love you to the moon and back,


Outdoor Tampa Child Photographer

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