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About a year ago, I made a new friend with a local photographer, Alison Winterroth.  We hit it off pretty well when we first got together for coffee.  Pretty soon we started talking about collaborating together and shooting something for fun.  The process of planning was really amazing.  It really is great to be able to have a good friend to talk about photography and business related topics.   It’s also nice to be able to talk about life.  I have really enjoyed our friendship and I also enjoyed every second of working together.

We decided to try some shots with our girls in an open field where the sky met the grass.  This was the first time they had ever met.  Like Alison and I, they hit it off pretty well.  They ran up the hill and talked about touching the clouds.  They picked flowers and played ‘Ring Around the Rosie.’  At one point, they decided that tasting the grass would be a great idea.  They didn’t like the taste very much that they fell back from laughing so hard!  This was truly the sweetest session ever!

Be sure to visit Alison Winterroth’s blogpost to see her perspective of our day!

Dear Grace Photography │Tampa Child Photographer

Tampa Child Photographer

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