Self-Portrait Project │First Generation Daughter│Tampa, Florida

Self-Portrait Project │First Generation Daughter │Tampa, Florida – We all have stories to tell. Some stories are left hidden in our hearts for only the ones we feel safe with. Vulnerability comes at a cost. It is not bad to be vulnerable but there is room for loss. With the risk of losing something or even everything, it is completely worth it when truth speaks louder and truth reclaims its space where perhaps in those spaces you have had to make yourself small.

If 2020 taught me anything, it was to truly love every single thing about myself that makes me who I am. It taught me to embrace all the quirks and pieces of being a first generation daughter to once undocumented immigrants. It has taught me to continue loving and standing for my Honduran culture and for others.

So in 2020, with grief in my heart, I photographed myself. In these portraits, I see a woman connected with standing firm in her beliefs and fighting for a space in all areas of her life. I see a woman that says, “Enough is enough!” Consistency is key in and outside of my home. I see a woman who will shut down hurtful remarks for the sake of laughter. No more.

This self-portrait project is a woman in therapy, reclaiming her voice. I see my mother and father in her. I see their fight to do everything possible for a beautiful life for their sweet girl. So in all the places that I dwell, I hope and pray that I will see each person that I meet paths with knowing that they have a story too. And perhaps not knowing their story will push me to drop down walls and remember that their ancestors are behind them, cheering them on!

Self-Portrait Project… It was worth getting in front of the camera. Be on the look out because there will be a series of portraits that continue to celebrate these stories. So incredibly thankful to have been permitted in these spaces and I can’t wait to share.

For now, Catracha…that’s me.

Jenny Cordero

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